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April 07, 2010


Mary Emeny

Thank you for this blog. I am with a group working to turn a 350 acre caliche mine into a sustainable - better yet a regenerative community, one that is continually embodying more and more energy in the soil, the buildings, the people, and the surrounding community of Amarillo, Tx. We are thinking of the entire community as a school - community as school, school as community, because none of us has all the answers to living sustainably so we need to always keep learning how to do it better. We think of sustainability as the base, not the goal...(Do you want a "sustainable" marriage? ) That is why our operative word is "regenerative".

We have the land, we have lots of enthusiasm, we have a graduate architecture class working on design as part of our emphasis on education, we also have commitments from a group working to develope community based housing for handicapped adults to be part of our community, called Mariposa Village, What we need next is a masterplan....Do you have any leads on grants to help fund a masterplanning process.

FYI, I got the lead to you from Brian Nelson, "The Homeless Architect" out of Santa Barbara, CA, who works mainly with rescue missions, homeless shelters, and in our case here church camps..

Thanks, and again thanks for the blog

Our website is under reconstruction


Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. You are doing such good work in Amarillo (google is such as wonderful tool!)! I love the concept of envisioning the community as a school. I've always espoused that "green" buildings should teach, but you've taken that to a whole new level. Thank you. Would love to dialogue with you in real time about the project. Please contact me at

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