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January 11, 2011



One alternative or complement to fans is to use the chimney effect provided by a difference of temperature between the evactuation duct and the outside. This effect is linked to the height of the chimney represented by the duct, it can be efficient in reducing the electricity consumption of the exhaust fan.
One solar application is to heat this duct during daytime, and possibly store heat to also use it during night-time. I work on such thermal storage.

Alistair Jackson

Nice! Using solar gain and stack effect to passively drive ventilation and recirculation is very elegant. I imagine it may require more time and attention by designer, installer and occupant than we typically see in an average forced-air home. So often it just takes a little investment of human energy to reduce our need for fossil energy.

Do you have an estimate of the potential savings in a given climate and house type?

Al D'Ambola

Be very careful when changing filters, even a 3"-4" or 5" thick pleated filter more often than not will create an excessive pressure drop. Coupled with the fact that equipment manufactures are now using 1/6th and 1/5th hp motors. I have only seen one high efficient filter pressure drop below .10"wg, the IQ Air filter that uses hepa technology. Not for every home owner. The only way to provide proper filtration without exceeding .10"wg is for MORE SURFACE AREA!!

airheat pumps

Effective filtration provides primary defence for HVAC equipment against particular pollutants. Today's higher standards in filtration helps to produce cleaner, purer air and reduce Indoor Air Quality related problems.

Air Horns

Keeping a good clean system can save a bundle in the long run, talk about going green... Great post and reminder to always maintain your air system no matter how lazy you get.. LOL

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