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September 22, 2011


Alistair Jackson

For anyone interested in the retrofit window topic, Peter Yost is presenting a webinar titled "Examining Window Retrofit Options" on October 26, through the Energy Center University. Knowing Peter, I'm sure this will be a good investment of your time. For more information - http://www.ecw.org/university/eventregistration.php?ecuid=434

T.C. Feick

Thank you for a great article Alistair. One important question; why replace a 12 year old casement window? I disagree with the initial recommendation to replace 12 YO casements based solely on an upgrade in glass technology. My guess is that this is a climate zone 4/5 area, and you state that the windows in question, the south orientation, are shaded in the summer by deciduous trees. I do not think there is a timeline long enough to justify the initial cost through energy savings. Casements generally perform well from an air infiltration standpoint, so unless there were condition issues,I do not think I could make a strong argument for the replacement in this case. Window design (sizing and placement) is so important in buildings, and is often not given near enough consideration. The best windows we have widely available, stateside, are the equivalent of about an R-5. If a designer considers this fact, then judicious use of glass becomes an imperative. Orientation to allow for, in this case, heat gain to offset this "hole" in the building envelope is the offsetting attrubute. In a replacement situation, the orientation and size of the unit are often off the table; your original premise. Thanks for the great info.

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